A look in the mirror

My name is Marjolein Vos. For years I searched for myself in books, workshops, courses and certain relationships. I experienced a void in myself that wasn’t supposed to be there.

My searching stopped when I got pregnant with my first baby. Everything I had been looking for all this time was literally growing inside of me; the pure essence of love awakened. My first daughter was born on my 26th birthday. This unforgettable experience was a powerful initiation; physically and energetically I was the birth canal. Not only was a whole, healthy baby born into this world, I myself was reborn too. This experience led me to become more intuitive, empowered, gentle, grounded and I felt waves of unconditional love flow through me.

These past years I have been blessed to experience this a few times. Today, I am a mother of four wonderful daughters and one son. I feel strongly called to help others become more aware of their inner source; their endless current of inspiration, strength and love.

Vision and mission

Listening to my ‘gut feeling’ is very important to me. My intuition is my compass, my most valuable advisor. When I have choices to make, I prefer to listen to my gut feeling rather than my mind. However, both have managed to work together quite well for me.

Every day, every hour, every minute: every moment of your life you have the ability to choose again. You can choose to listen to the voice in your head, your mind, that tells you ‘you can’t’. That you don’t have the knowledge or skills, that nobody wants what you have to offer, that it’s all in vain. That voice that keeps you from living your dream. And we all have dreams, right? But often, subconsciously, we keep these dreams small, because we are afraid of losing something. Ultimately, you lose a lot more by preventing your dreams from growing and evolving.

What would your life look like if you listened to that other voice? That voice that softly echoes through your body. That voice that is hard to pick up on, because your thoughts are so loud. That voice that’s hidden deep inside of you, impatiently waiting to tell you that you are worth living your biggest dreams. That voice that lets you believe in your self and that loves you and can’t wait to see you in your fullness!

I would like to help you raise this voice, make it speak louder. I would like to create a safe space for you, where you can find that inner strength to radiate out into the world.

My personal experience

My backpack is filled with: a bachelor degree in Dutch Languages and Culture, a first year degree in Arts Therapies, initiations in Reiki, Shamanism and other forms of energy work, a course in teaching Pregnancy and being a Doula and various meditation techniques.

Ultimately, life as a mother is my biggest teacher. I let everything go, step by step, and I do what brings me fulfilment. In this very moment that is motherhood (even though it can be taxing), writing (even though the pages stay empty for weeks on end at times), organising and leading retreats.

I regularly write about my life as a mother and human being. I am also available for individual sessions consisting of natural pregnancy counseling, coaching, intuitive belly paintings or massage.