Becoming a mother might well be the biggest transformation you will ever experience in your life. It’s impossible to imagine what comes with this experience of motherhood. Children are the most beautiful yet most confronting mirrors you could ever wish for. And through constantly taking care of others, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. When your battery is at 25 % you’re already dropping in to the ‘red zone’, so it’s time to recharge. But how? And what did I use to enjoy doing? What makes my heart beat faster? You’re not the first mother that, through the exhaustion, struggles to remember what makes her happy (besides raising children).

If you long to:

- drop deeper into your body
- relax more in being a mother
- re-ignite your inner fire
- come closer to yourself
- listen more to your intuition
- enjoy your kids more
- receive the tools to be more in the present moment

You are most welcome for an individual coaching session with me.

In the last years I have coached more than 200 mothers during individual sessions and retreats. I know all too well as a mother of five how important it is to take care of yourself. During individual sessions I will initially listen to you(r story) without judging, before moving on to finding ways together that can help you return to the shining mother that you are. I will tap into my own experiences as a mother, doula, pregnancy coach, space holder and artistic coach to help you find your way.

With all my love I will guide you back to being the shining mama that you already are in essence!


  • € 85,- for a 60 minute session
  • € 245,- for 3 sessions
  • € 400,- for 5 sessions

Please contact me here below for individual sessions.