Once there was a time, an ancient time, when Mother Earth was holy and that women were incarnations of the Goddess. It was a time of Matriarchy. It now has been about 4000 years that the Patriarchate had reigned this world and during centuries women where suppressed on many horrible ways. The Goddess was replaced by a God and we all seemed to forget about our dear Mother Earth.

It's time to remember...

November 29th is the beginning of Advent. It's a period of four Sundays coming up to Christmas, to prepare ourselves and to remember the birth of Christ. But what if we could use this holy time to restore our connection with the ancient Earth Mother instead? To re-member our own true essence and take a gracious dive into the Sacred Feminine?

Are you ready?

* To give yourself permission to become whole again?
* To immerse yourself in radical acceptance?
* To make a deeper connection with your Heart and Womb?
* To go on an Adventure within yourself?
* To fully embrace your Sacred Feminine?
* To give Birth to your inner Wisdom?

You're so very welcome to join the Adventure of the Sacred Feminine!

What's to expect?

In the period of November 29th until December 24th you can join the Adventure of the Sacred Feminine from wherever you live on this beautiful planet. This journey will be online, but most of all it will be an inner quest to remember, restore and revive the divine feminine essence that's waiting for your to be embraced again.

The medium we will use is Instagram. For 26 days you'll receive a daily post and stories to inspire you and help you to learn more about the Sacred Feminine. You'll receive:
- meditations
- little rituals and ceremonies
- inspiring quotes
- practices to connect with your heart and womb
- channeled messages from the Universal Womb
- a Womb Blessing on December 24th.

Your investment €19,95

How to join?

After you bought your ticket, send me a message with your e-mail address AND your Instagram profile name. Then you can join the 'adventureofthesacredfeminine' account on Instagram. When your payment is received you will be accepted and join this Adventure that will start on November 29th.

You can watch/listen/receive this Adventure in your own time. The content will be available until January 6th 2021,

Yes, I'm ready for an Adventure!

This online immersion is open for all women of all stages of womenhood.


Sunday November 29th: opening ceremony live on Instagram 20.30 Amsterdam time.

Thurday December 24th: Womb Blessing live on Instagram 20.30 Amsterdam time.

Days in between: daily posts and stories with short practices, messages, meditations, visualizations. It will take about 5-10 minutes each day, Sundays a bit longer.

Note 1: this adventure will be in English. It's not my mother language, but I'm sure you'll understand my imperfectly English perfect.

Note 2: If you can't pay via iDeal, just send me a message.