womb healing circle

The time has come to rediscover and embrace your feminine essence. To pave the way to your soft power and stand up for your truth.
Do you have the desire to:
- to be silent and clear your head?
- To feel and open your heart to self-love?
- To sink into your soft body and inhabit your pelvis?
- Remember that you are essentially a source of joy and passion?
You are welcome to join the Womb Healing Circle!

“You have to go to the Source from where you come from in order to feel what you are in your essence, and your higher potential.”
― Padma Aon Prakasha, Dimensions of Love

Have no expectation. Come with an open heart and be surprised!

During this Womb Healing Circle we step out of the stories and into the moment. Your infinite 'to do-list' you park your car/cycle together and in a good mood you enter. We will have a short introduction round and share our intention for the evening. Then you will be taken on a meditative journey with sound, music, movement and silence. After a short break we will continue with a ceremony to feed, recharge and honor yourself.

The Womb Healing Circle will take place on Saturday December 12th. Walk in 19.30 hrs, start 19.45 hrs. End 21.30.
Location Het Middenhuis, Zutphen.
Costs: €25,-
There is room for up to 12 women, so we can keep a distance of 1.5 meters.
This event is planned under reserve, given the uncertainty surrounding covid-19. If it is not possible to continue, a new date will be searched for.
Yes, I'm ready for this evening!