pregnancy retreat

Are you 13 - 37 weeks pregnant and:

-do you feel called to drop deeper into relaxation and in to your body ?

-do you wish to prepare for the birth of your baby in a conscious and creative way ?

-maybe you’d like to feel more empowered ?

-or want a deeper connection with yourself and your unborn baby ?

-or maybe you’d love to spend an entire weekend getting inspired and simply enjoying the present moment without having to do anything else ?

The Wombfulness Pregnancy Retreat is a weekend designed specially for you! During this retreat you will be pampered and given full permission to drop into total relaxation.

Back to your nature

Wombfulness provides a safe environment for expecting mama’s to come into full connection with their source. Through offering a wide variety of activities (yoga, massage, creativity, nature walks, loving care, nourishing whole foods) you will have the opportunity to come out of your head and drop into your body. This retreat will help you to reconnect with the creative and powerful essence that is you.

Do you and your baby deserve this precious gift that will prepare you for the journey of giving birth?

"The Wombfulness Pregnancy Retreat has been a wonderful gift to myself and to my baby! An entire weekend to fully come to rest, completely let go and have all the attention for the growing baby in my belly. The itinerary was beautifully put together and there was enough space for myself to take a solitary forest walk, do some writing in the green garden or simply stare into the abyss. I am thankful for this wonderful weekend with gorgeous people!" - Marjolijn

"What a heavenly gift this retreat is! Blissfully carried by beautiful women, divine food by Marjolein and so good to be completely immersed, heart belly & soul, in such a beautiful environment (and emptying the mind more and more).. Thank you!"- Jorine

"Last weekend I have thoroughly enjoyed this really great pregnancy retreat, organised in great detail by Marjolein. All the different components added to the experience of deepening the connection with my baby. I was really able to fully connect, in relaxing present moment awareness, with my baby and myself in this special time. Thank you!" - Simone

Stunning location

The retreats are organised in and around Erve Middelkamp, at a newly renovated farmhouse in Twente amongst many nature reserves. It’s peaceful here. The nights are completely dark and still, apart from the occasional owl. Outside, the chickens flutter around and the forest is within 40 m walking distance with many breathtaking walking trails to and from the farm.

Erve Middelkamp is fully equipped with comfortable box beds that include a private shower. There are also a few two-person bedrooms with shared showers available. A big common room looks out on to the fields and forests and downstairs there is a big dining room as well as an extra room with comfortable seating and a wood fire stove. A blissful space to wind down and find inspiration!


The cost for one retreat is € 497,-* A retreat includes the following:

  • 2 nights in a personal room, personal shower/shared toilet (includes bed linen)  
  • organic and vegan meals
  • 2 yoga classes
  • walking in silence
  • sound bath with harp (highlight of the weekend!) 
  • an empowering movie about child birth
  • a creative workshop in making affirmation cards - snacks and fruit
  • unlimited supply of herbal tea
  • usage of towels, bed linen and yoga mats
  • breathtaking nature
  • an unforgettable experience
* Paying in terms is possible. For a private room there's a surcharge.