Mama and child retreat

A safe haven where you can fully relax, drop deeper into your body and make stronger connections with yourself, your child and other mama’s. The Wombfulness Mama and Child Retreat provides a sacred space to find connection with your inner source. Through a program that’s designed specifically for you and your child, you will be able to drop deeper into your body and find different ways to connect with each other. All cooking and dishes will be done for you and your bed will be readily made upon arrival. Four days long, you won’t have to worry about household chores or anything else but you and your child.

This retreat allows for you to be pampered and come to a deep relaxation. From this relaxation you can deepen the connection you have with your child. This is quality time for you alone, as well as a special time for just you and your child.

A glimpse into this retreat

You will arrive on Fridaythe 26th of March around 16:00 at De Schaapshut in Sevenum. There is plenty of time to settle in and explore the dormitories and the farm. Once everyone has arrived we will come together and get to know each other. At 17.30 we will have dinner and at night when the children are asleep the mama’s have the opportunity to enjoy a soft yoga class.

Saturday and Sunday there will be mama and child yoga in the morning. If there is a large age gap between the children, we might split up into smaller groups. After yoga you have the time to connect with others and explore the surroundings. After lunch there will be time to rest. During the afternoon between 15:00 and 17:00 there will be another activity for mama and child to enjoy. The individual massages for the mama’s will be planned in between activities. At night when the children are asleep there will be a relaxing activity for the mama’s.

On Monday the 29th of March we say our goodbyes after breakfast.

Those who went before you:

"I immensely enjoyed this retreat. It was wonderful to be away with my daughter and have time for myself. I received new insights, enjoyed incredible meals, felt connected and laughed a lot. I recommend this to everyone, specially when you feel called but are still doubting wether you can afford to gift this to yourself. Do it!" - Maxine

"I found the connection back. With myself, and with the other people around me. I feel so much more positive, compassionate and stronger than ever. Oh, and I quit my job. Goodbye to the things that don’t energize me, and hello life! I had forgotten how fun you are." - Lotte

Luxury and Indulgence

This retreat takes place at De Schaapshut, a renovated farm in Sevenum. You can easily see from the wooden beams that this used to be a farm, but in 2017 it was magically transformed into transformed into a large and luxurious group accommodation. This place is ideal for families. The sleeping rooms are spacious with their own personal bathrooms and there is an abundance of places to play.

Outside you will find a trampoline, playhouse and bicycles for the kids and for the mama’s there is a delightful wood fire stove hot tub.

A wonderful place providing you with all the comfort, luxury, space and nature you need to come to a complete rest.

This retreat is for mama's that:

- need a break from cooking, doing the dishes and the laundry
- want to wind down in a beautiful spot in nature
- wish to connect with their child in a way that feels special
- apart from doing fun stuff with their children, also wish to have some inspiring and empowering down time for themselves
- wish to fully recharge their battery
- have children that are excited about going into nature with their mama’s and other children
- have children who enjoy play time with other cuddle mama’s while their mama receives a well deserved massage

This mama and child retreat is suitable for children between the ages of 0 - 4.


What is included in this Retreat:

- three nights in a private room with toilet and shower
- a child friendly place with plenty of playground and gardens
- delicious vegan and vegetarian organic foods
- a welcome gift
- full use of yoga mats, blankets, towels and bed linen
- unlimited fruit and herbal teas
- 2 x mama and child yoga classes
- 1 x yoga class for mama
- evening program for the mama’s including meditation, women’s circles, hot tubs and foot rubs
- sweet cuddle mama’s to care for your child while you have a massage or are enjoying a yoga class

Sidenote # 1: The final itinerary will depend on the ages of the children participating in this retreat, so slight changes might occur.

Sidenote # 2: It’s possible to pay in installments