Mama and baby retreat

Journeying into motherhood

Not long ago you gave birth to your baby. Apart from the physical transformations your body has gone through, you have also transformed tremendously on a mental and emotional level. There is a reason child birth is called a ‘rite of passage’. The journey to motherhood is without an end. When your child enters a new phase in their life, you also enter a new phase in motherhood. And motherhood can be overwhelming at times.

  • Maybe you have lost connection with yourself through the constant care you have been giving to your little one(s)?
  • Do you feel the call to take a little break with your baby, so you can spend quality time together?
  • Is your body craving some extra attention in the form of yoga, meditation or massage?
  • Do you enjoy having empowering exchanges of experiences with other mothers and babies about all aspects of motherhood?

Welcome to the mama & baby retreat! This weekend is suitable for baby’s from 3 to 18 months old.

These women went before you:

"I immensely enjoyed this retreat. It was wonderful to be away with my daughter and have time for myself. I received new insights, enjoyed incredible meals, felt connected and laughed a lot. I recommend this to everyone, specially when you feel called but are still doubting wether you can afford to gift this to yourself. Do it!" - Maxine 

"Engaged, open and loving. During this mama and baby retreat I found myself at peace, inspired and in connection with the team and the other mothers and children. Delightful massage and yummy food at a beautiful place in the middle of nature." - Coja

"I loved having the opportunity to be fully present with my babies. With nothing else to do, my attention was fully on them. And I really ‘saw’ them. At home there is always something that asks for my attention; older kids, household chores, etc. I hadn’t realised that until I arrived at the retreat. It was satisfying to really be able to focus." - Tamara

A glimpse into this retreat:

You will arrive at Oerboerderij in De Lutte at 15:30 on Monday. There is plenty of time to arrive, settle in and explore the dormitories and the farm. Once everyone has arrived we will gather and get to know each other. At 17.30 - 18.00 we have dinner together and at night when the babies are asleep there will be relaxing yoga for the mama’s.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the program will consist of relaxing and enriching activities like mama and baby yoga, mama and baby walks, baby massage workshops and mama massages. While you have your massage there will be a cuddle mama available to take care of your baby for you. At night we will have a women’s circle around the fire.

On Friday morning we say our goodbyes after breakfast, around 9.30/10 am.

What is included in this retreat?

  •   4 nights in a luxuriously comfortable room with private shower
  •   welcome gift bag with fun and inspiring supplies for you and your baby - vegetarian and vegan organic meals
  •   two mama + baby yoga classes
  •   a yoga class for mama
  •   a workshop baby massage
  •   walks in beautiful
  •   a mama massage
  •   sound bath with harp
  •   women’s circle with herbal baths and foot rubs
  •   beautiful natural surroundings
  •   an unforgettable experience

All of this for the price of € 1147,-

Next date: 29 June - 3 July 2023