Wombfulness organises inspiring and empowering retreats for (pregnant) mama’s and their babies. At this moment the retreats are Dutch spoken.

In a world that asks for our constant attention, it’s vitally important to unplug once in a while and reconnect with your heart, your belly and your baby.

Wombulfness creates a safe and homely environment where mama’s and mama’s to be have the opportunity to catch their breath. Retreats include delicious vegen/ organic meals, relaxing massages, yoga sessions, nature walks in beautiful surroundings and the opportunity to connect with other like-hearted women. All of these elements together will optimally nourish your body, heart and spirit.

Wombfulness represents living in and from your inner power source, connecting with your individual wisdom and having the courage to move out of your comfort zone to give space to your heart’s deepest feelings and longings. You are welcome exactly as you are.

An enthusiastic team of loving and inspiring women (all mothers themselves) work together to fulfill all of you and your baby’s needs. Allow yourself the time and space to stand still for a moment so you can tune into your pregnancy, womanhood and motherhood. Is it your turn now to be supported and nourished? Are you and your baby longing for some quality time together?

'What a heavenly gift this retreat is! Blissfully carried by beautiful women, divine food by Marjolein and so good to be completely immersed, heart belly & soul, in such a beautiful environment (and emptying the mind more and more).. Thank you!" - Jorine

"I feel so supported and surrounded by love and care! Exactly what I longed for around my pregnancy. So good to give my full attention to this process. And to gift this to each other as and with other loving women. Very special. I have learned how to find the serenity in myself and implement it whenever I need it, so that my full attention can go to my pregnancy and my baby. I also feel even more empowered now in moving towards a natural birth.

Dear Marjolein, you are a beautiful and special human, woman, mother. I feel privileged to have experienced this lovely weekend with each other. I have been able to carry this energy all the way home with me. Thank you so much!" - Sanne

"What a fulfilling and wonderful experience to have gifted myself this retreat. I feel completely supported, nourished, connected and inspired. A little holiday away from home. I rolled from one indulgence into another and in the mean time there was so much depth to the program that I have also really been able to feel nourished in my pregnancy. Marjolein’s guidance was magnificent, full of respect and completely attuned to us mama’s. Thank you so much for this!" - Tessa

"In a time of home improvements and an accelerating pregnancy I longed for a moment to myself and our unborn son. Instead of experiencing the pregnancy, it passed me by. This pregnancy retreat provided me with the rest, relaxation and connection that I was looking for. It was also incredibly empowering. What an abundance of energy, warmth and kinship have I been allowed to experience. Top that off with a fabulous location, delicious food and two powerful, wise women who made themselves fully available for us during the entire weekend. I recommend this to any pregnant mama who is looking for connection, deepening and relaxation." - Esanie